Course Overview (Course : CMS & ED)

CMS & ED  is known as- Community Medical Services & Essential Drugs.It is a cerificate for primary health care by general Allopathic medicines, which are recommended by the World Health Organasation (WHO) for primary health care. The Hon. Supreme court has given an order that CMS Diploma holder can given the treatment in all disease.

Legal Status

Diploma in CMS & ED is legally valid all over India by the Judgment of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India for Practice by Harmless General Allopathic Medicines for Primary Health Care Practice. 

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION (WHO)  has issued the list of  essential drugs for the treatment of Primary Health Care for diploma holder of CMS&ED certificates. The list of issued drugs has also approved by Ministry of Health, Govt. of India. List of Drugs may collect from the study centre.

Qualification: 10+2 Secondary/ Senior Secondary or Equivelant qualification (if any experience)

Course Details

Estimated Duration 2 years
Course Registration Fee (Rs.) 500
Course Monthly Fee (Rs.) 1200
Course Total Price (Rs.) 29300

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